The corset is by Intimate Attitudes, (to keep the price down for both of us on time making it and the several materials and notions involved). I can make them but the price would be very high.  This way you can enjoy one for a lot less money.  Remember Girls --- I offer lay away plans.  Black Satin Brocade and very good quality. Two rows of hooks down the back and stays for shaping.

I decorated it with big curly cue ruffles and stand up bows of nylon organza and Red  satin flowers.  Your choice of colors and ruffles and bows and flowers.

 I'm making a pink one now ~~~ and will post that soon for you to see ~~~ so keep watching as these grow and progress. I am so thrilled to offer these to you --- its been a long time in the making and finally it has come true for me and you with the help of my SPECIAL FRIEND  ~~~ MISS LYNN, who has been such an enormous amount of encouragement to me.

Click on it ~~~  Coming soon --- keep looking.  I have a BLUE in this style available size 44.  RED Satin Brocade size 42  and  Black Satin with flowers in size 40. I will post pictures later.