Sissy Dresses  Sissy Clothes  Adult Baby Clothes  Sissy Panties   Petticoats HELLO SWEET SISSY --- DON'T YOU JUST LOVE RUFFLES AND LACE AND SATIN made into sissy clothes just for you? Customs sewn to  made to fit you right.  I sew adult sissy dresses and custom sissy clothes for the cross dresser, TV, sissies, Adult Baby, and also panties and locking outfits. I love working with these items and make sissy clothes, sissy panties and sissy dresses that fit YOU. One size does not fit all! Have a dress made that fits just you perfect. I make panties and dresses and just about anything you can imagine. Bonnets and bibs and diaper covers for the ADULT BABY clothes are here. Lots of pictures so please look around at my site and thank you for visiting www.Sew-Creations.Com Put me in your favorites so you can come back. I custom sew Adult Sissy Dresses and clothes. All the sissy clothes , sissy panties and punishment panties and fluffy things you have dreamed of and fantasized over for years can now come true for you. Send me a picture or drawing of what you are looking for. A simple email will get you answers 

Send me your designs --- lets make your Dreams come true.  Happy New Year and welcome 2017  Sissy clothing site.

I can't believe my sweet husband has been gone 7 years today. April 29,2010 he passed away.  I have made up new flowers for his vase and his Mothers and will place them tomorrow on their graves. He was so proud of my sewing for the sissies and cross dresser and anyone that needed something.  When I needed to try something on him to see how he looked he  always obliged.  He was a good and understanding husband.. I now have a very  understanding boyfriend that is also proud of what I do.  How did I get so lucky?  We went to Las Vegas for 10 days and took in some shows where the sissies dressed up and the cross dressers..  They were prettier than real women.  All were great shows if you get a chance to see them they are worth it and not real expensive.  That all said,,, I am very happy again with my new man in my life.  I wish everybody love,,, its what we all need and it does make the world go around.  Smile at someone and they may smile back.  Hug someone because we all like hugs.  Be sweet all the time,,,, the world needs it so bad.  We can make a difference.

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White satin baby doll

Miss Jennifer in Heidi. $199

Satin wash and wear.

Locking dress. $199 Any color.

Wash and wear Satin. See it on worn by this sissy.


Snowball bra and panty.$89 each

Tons of ruffles. Bra page

Baby Doll.$129 Cotton pink and white Gingham.

Adult Sissy Dress baby doll style. Huge hem span 130 inches over 10 feet! Fluffy and frilly. #32 Best Seller With panty $129 On sexy baby doll page  Several colors to choose from.

Snowball Bra and Panty $89 each. On the sissy bra page.





Watch my locking sissy dress being worn by a sweet sissy on search for sissy clothes.