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   Get ready to be smothered in buttery soft satin and Victorian Lace!!! Feel like a real Baby Girl and a pretty Princess. Tons of hand ruffled lace and sweet hand made bows with satin ribbon streamers adorn the lace. The hem span is over 10 feet --- very full for lots of twirls.  The back is just like the front so if you soil the front you can just turn it around and start all over. All the bows are removable for laundry. The big bows are on jewelry clasps. Washer safe. Comes in many colors --- Panty choice --- diaper cover--- briefs --- bloomers --- bikini --- Dream your Baby Doll outfit today and email me with your ideas ----  mailto:sewsewshirley@bellsouth.net

Be sure to view the other colors on my web site that it comes in. PINK, LAVENDER, YELLOW, BLACK, BLUE, IVORY, RED, BURGUNDY, MINT GREEN, EMERALD GREEN,  and the different colors of lace too.

$119 with any panty style. State Color and size of chest, waist, and hips.

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March 7,2010


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